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What you can expect from me 

If we're talking about someone else's time, I'm going to ask that we include them

Scheduling things is hard, but if you need something moved I gotcha covered

I haven't declined a PTO request yet - don't plan to

I'll be open and honest, even if it makes me feel like a dummy

I try not to schedule meetings on Tuesdays, and I like to minimize forever recurring meetings

What I hope to get from you

I like immediate feedback in Slack, happy to take it to a call if it's complicated or sensitive

The phrase "carve out some time" is anguishing for me to hear, please try not to say it

Please decline meetings if you can't make them

I'd rather you be blunt - riddles don't spare my feelings

Fun facts

I have an unhealthy amount of reminders to ease my paranoia that I won't fulfill a commitment

Sarcasm and cursing are my love languages