Sep 21, 2020

Ammonia in the system

    In an aquaponic system, ammonia, ammonium, and nitrite are all chemicals produced by the fish. In excess, these chemicals are highly toxic. By cultivating bacteria to metabolize these chemicals, we're able to generate a plant-life supporting nutrient that is also far less toxic to fish in moderate concentrations; nitrate. This process requires the cycling of water through a cohesive system made up of smaller isolated units for fish, plants, and bacteria. Circulation and continuous metabolic processes result in a harmonious exchange, fueling key functions and keeping toxicity at manageable levels for the entire system. The farmer must work to initiate and maintain these functional processes.

    On project teams, people produce a lot of ideas and emotional energy. In time, neglecting this build up of energy will negatively impact the team. By facilitating retrospective discussions and processing the team's reflections, we can generate useful insights to improve the team's ways of working. This process requires iterative working cycles and regular, consistent reflection on team wins and losses. By tightening the feedback loop, problems are illuminated quickly, bad ideas can fail fast, and adjustments can be made on the fly. The team leader must work to initiate and maintain these functional processes.


Easy intro to ChatGPT

Hey everyone! I recently had the chance to chat with chatgpt, the AI assistant that everyone is talking about. I asked it to respond to some...